Importing list in separate cells


I’m a new bubbler working on an app that involves importing transactions. I’m using the Plaid API to import the user’s transactions and other data. The transaction information is coming through but the problem is that the info is listed together in a single cell, instead of each transaction having it’s own row (see below).

Is there anything logistical that I could implement to get the transactions separated, or is the problem based on how I have my database set up?

(I plan to add more fields but wanted to get the separation problem solved before going any further)

I’d need to see a screenshot of the workflow you’re using to add this data.


Here’s how my API workflow is set up:

API Connector doesn’t see these coming back from Plaid as lists?

Hey, what exactly do you mean by that?

Well, you’re getting a big long text right? But it’s comma delimited? Looks like Bubble didn’t see a JSON formatted array as what it is. That’s all.

I’ve not set up Plaid API myself, so dont have experience with how well it does it does not play with Bubble. (Have been think Ng about it though… just don’t have exact use case yet.)

So do you have a recommendation for checking and seeing if this is the case?

I want to make sure the problem is diagnosed correctly before jumping into a solution.