Impossible to delete an un-visible element


I have an element (dropdown) with no workflow on a page, & I wish to delete it. But it is impossible to select it because it is invisible, even when I select it from the top section “search for an element”.

Of course I have ticked the box “this element is visible on page load”.

As I can not select it, then I can not delete it. That is strange. Did I miss something ?

Could you help me to deal with this please ?

Thanks !

Hm. Try having the property editor open for some element, search for the dropdown in the top search tool you mentioned, select it from the search results, and see if the property editor changes for the dropdown.

There’s a delete button on the property editor as well - you don’t necessarily have to click the element to hit your delete button. But the property editor does need to be “activated” for the element, and selecting the dropdown from the top search should do it.

Try that. Otherwise, feel free to share a link to your editor so we can see what’s going on. It might be hiding somewhere behind other elements.


You made my day !

I never noticed the “delete” button in the property editor until now :sweat_smile:. Obviously I could have erased the element. Thanks for this.

Still I do not understand it was even not possible to work on element (?)

Anyway thank you.

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