Improve front-end user search performance


I built a ticket app that requires searching for users. We have about 6000+ users in the client organization. Searching for a user from the UI mean clicking on the add user button, then a popup will have a search bar and a RG of users. Search for the user and enter to narrow down user list, then select the desired user and save.

Problem: the search is super slow, you may need to have to count till 30 before the user list is narrowed down to the search term.

When searching for users in the back end it works in a flash. I need to achieve the same thing in the front end.

What can be done?

Are you using pagination or loading a fixed number of users on the first load? That will make that first load a lot faster. Your users won’t really need to be able to browse all hundreds of users right? They will most likely want to use your search feature instead.

How much data is on the User datatype?..

You might want to create a new datatype just for the search to speed things up…

Good question: first and last name, personal email, username and company email. That’s all.

No I am not but I was under the impression that bubble doesn’t load all users anyway.
What if I didn’t load the users first and only start showing users once a search is done?
Is the UI or the Do a Search For consuming resources here? I was under the impression it’s the search.

Hi there. I was wondering if you ever managed to integrate Google Meet in your app, like you asked here? I’m writing to you here since the original topic is now closed :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Business account in Google Workspace, and was wondering if it’s possible at all to use it in Bubble and arrange for 2 users to have a meeting in Google Meet (despite the fact they’re “guests” in my Google Workspace account). Many thanks.

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