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Improve speed site - suggest

A week ago I launch a site in Bubble. Now I did a speed test on it and It’s not very good (Performance grade: 68%):

I want to improve this score and the first suggestion that this site gives me, there is:

"Avoid slowing down the critical rendering path
The critical rendering path is what the browser needs to do to start rendering the page. Every file requested inside of the head element will postpone the rendering of the page, because the browser need to do the request. Avoid loading JavaScript synchronously inside of the head (you should not need JavaScript to render the page), request files from the same domain as the main document (to avoid DNS lookups) and inline CSS or use server push for really fast rendering and a short rendering path. "

Also, to improve the speed site I used the optimization bubble tool is located in tab (General), as below:

This operation has has increased the score from 65% to 68%…I thought better!

Has anyone seen this problem before? or does anyone know how to solve it?

Thank very much for any suggests!


Hi, here’s a recent thread on this which may have some tips. Short answer is that Bubble in its current form won’t rank high in these sorts of tests, but you can improve things at the margin by building a lighter and faster app (which should be a goal anyway).

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