Imput not erased

Hi !
I looged out an user in the preview but when it comes back the input email is still there…

Should I do this worflow for the buttom log in?

If so, how do I continue. Only when…

Many thanks.

Use the Reset Group action

Hi @mac2 .! I’m a beginner. And I didn’t find a video on that. Could you explain or show how I reset a group?
Many thanks.

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Hey! So if you add a group to your page and then add that email input to the group, you can replace the Reset relevant inputs action with the Reset data action. When you use Reset data, you must select a group to reset, which in your case, would be the group you created to contain the input.

There are other ways to do this, but what I laid out will work.

Also, if this a left over action from logging in/signing the the user up, you can uncheck some boxes in those workflow actions to see that will do the trick

@mac2 many thanks for your explanation. It seems it worked…

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