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In a repeating group that lists ALL USERS that a CURRENT USER is FOLLOWING, how do I also dynamically display a bell icon next to a USER in the FOLLOWING LIST whenever they've made a new post that the CURRENT USER haven't seen yet?

In a repeating group that lists all users that a current user is following, how do I also dynamically display a bell icon or an alert icon next to a user in the list whenever they’ve made a new post that the current user haven’t seen yet?

That way the current user can just click on the user in the list to go to their page and see the new posts.

Furthermore, when the current user clicks on the user in the list, that should trigger the icon to not show anymore until that user creates another new post.

Here’s a visual of what I am trying to do:

following notify list dynamic

I’m just trying to figure out the logic to dynamically display the icon whenever someone in the following list creates a new post.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated :pray:

Add a “Viewed by”(List of users) to every new post created. When a user visits a profile, add current user to “Viewed by” list of all the posts in that profile(only if current user is not already in that list). Now in the following users repeating group list, do a search for posts created by that user in the RG which doesn’t include current user in the “Viewed by” list. If count is greater than or equal to one, display that alert icon, Otherwise hide it.
This might not be the best approach, but still works.

It works!
Thank you for your reply

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