In app chat between users that allows scheduling & payment


I’m working through my app requirements for my services marketplace & one of the things I want to provide to encourage transactions on the platform is enabling a user to contact a service provider on the chat & after sorting out details, & for the service provider to send the user an ‘offer’ which details the agreed date for the service, details of service to take place along with an amount for payment. The user then accepts the ‘offer’ and is able to make payment privately.

What’s your experience of the best plug-in that provides a great experience that reduces friction so that there’s little temptation for the user & service provider to take the transaction offline?


Have you found a way to do this ?

You need to find a way to remove or hide any email addresses or phone numbers so the users can not exchange that information through your in app messaging system.


Are you looking a best in-app chat solution provider? Please explain to this conversation.

Hello @people . I hope you are looking for in-app messaging/chat solution provider , my answer will help you .
Here are the top 6 instant messaging solutions for enterprise that will take your communications to hitherto unmatched levels.

  1. MirrorFly
    if you need more details about thease provider .please explore here

@richardonline90 is there a bubble plugin for Chat for any of these that you listed above?

If you’re looking for marketplace chat, that can be integrated in the site, do look into AtomChat.A great solution for any marketplace communication. It comes packed with all the features required and many more!