In app currency points

Hello I want to have in app currency for my edtech website to engage students.The points will be awarded for:

  1. Hours spent in watching lectures
  2. Referral system
  3. Performance in quizzes

Then the students once they have collected enough points, can redeem them for discount coupons which they can use in the local stores with whom we’ve partnered and also lots of other prizes.

I have read a lot of posts but couldn’t really understand well enough and also couldn’t find a proper video on YouTube as well.
Please help me out. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated .

So it’s a pretty big piece of work to implement a reward system (well) that has a number of different earn points, as well as referral links. It isn’t something you’ll expect to find in a 10 minute YouTube video.

If you’re not sure where to start, my advice would be:

  1. Look at integrating a white-label platform. This is probably the easiest way to get set up
  2. Hire a bubble developer to help you scope this out
  3. Have a look through the Bubble forum. There are a number of posts I can remember seeing in the past that look at elements of what you’re trying to do. i.e. many people have talked about referral links. But you might need to piece a few things together

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