In Datasource: Insert item in list

I have this search returning a list of text items to a Repeating Group:

How can I insert a blank item (“”) as the first in the list?

You could set your datasource to:

arbitrary text: ,search for lists: each item's item: joined with , split by ,


That looks like a winner!

I can’t seem to get it entered though…

After the arbitrary text, I can’t type “:” or “,” or “: ,” in the More…

They disappear before I can see “Do a search…”

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I also can’t click outside of the More…

No… the whole expression needs to be inside the arbitrary text…

Thank you @adamhholmes !!!

Here it is for posterity:

  1. My data source has “,” in it, so I used “\” for the join/split.
  2. The syntax checker seemed to want the split to be outside of the Arbitrary text

Thanks, again!!!

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