In quickbooks what to give as country where app is hosted

Hi All,

I am trying to set up Quickbooks APIs via API Connector.

Looks like I need to create an “app” in Quickbooks developer portal for that. (Is that right?) It does seem bit odd as I am not really building a Quickbooks App, and it is asking me variety of things like logo, privacy policy etc.

Now while I am doing that, it is asking for where the app is hosted. Now since my main application for which I am going to query Quickbooks is on Bubble. So what do I give as to where the app is hosted and the IP list? What if the IP list keeps changing?

Would be great if someone could point me to the right thing here.

Also, I am struggling with API connector settings as well, so if someone has done the API connector settings in past, that would be great too.


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Apparently it is as per some recent changes Quickbooks has deployed a week ago: Updated process to get production keys - Intuit Developer Community Blog

Surely, others would be facing this issue too, and not just me?

I asked this in Intuit Support portal. They seem to be asking for IP ranges and Bubble team is unable to provide that.

I don’t know why others are not facing this issue.