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In the third under RG, I need to get a value from the first RG

In RG “text”, I wish that “id-date” contains a value of “Current cell’s Date de reservation…”…
After some hours I don’t find the way how to do it…
Thanks for your lights !!

@Lucien @gregoire.bois

Is there someone to try to answer ?

I’ll have a go :slight_smile: I suspect the reason is to do with date comparisons. I think what you might want is
id-date > X
id-date < Y

(Bubble query constraints are all “and”)

Contains doesn’t mean “between”

J’ regrette, mon français n’est pas bon

No, because I only work with the ID’s of date.
What I need is to to get the value of the current cell Date de reservation which is two RG Up…

If I do this

I obtain This

What is normal!
I want to display the values of ven 12 nov (index 1), sam 13 nov (index2) etc…
But I don’t know how to do it !!!

Are you trying to achieve this result?

RG row 1 = date 1
RG row 2 = date 2
RG row 3 = date 1 + date 2