In version-test, the "Created by" field is "app admin" for logged-out users, but in the live version, it's "empty" or "Deleted thing"

I’m encountering an issue where the “created by” field appears as empty or deleted. My understanding is that if the user is not logged in, and we create a record the “created by” filed should default to ‘app admin’.

To provide some context, I’m using a backend workflow to generate an OTP for the login flow and saving it in a separate data type. This OTP is used to verify users before they log in. When I run this backend workflow in the version-test environment, the “created by” field is correctly set to ‘app admin’. However, when I conduct the same operation in the live version, the “created by” field is either empty or marked as ‘deleted thing’.

Backend workflows will create a temporary user to perform actions. The temporary user might not have all the permissions or settings the app admin user has

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Yes, I understand. However, my question is, why does the same backend workflow create a record with “Created by” as “App admin” in the test version, and “Empty” or “deleted thing” in the live environment for the logged out users?

Are you testing by clicking “run as”?