Inbox - user message previews (Pastel template reference)

Hello my bubble community , I’ve been on bubble for about 2 years this is my first time implicating a messaging system I’ve made it pretty far on my own with no tutorials learning it all from experience… this is finally the week I’m losing sleep and ignoring my peers lol.
so I decide to use the pastel messaging template for reference,

The issue with the template is that there’s no inbox preview feature ,

the repeating group for the inbox previews that I’m attempting adds another cell after a message is sent, instead of grouping all message in one cell for each user

Has anyone used the pastel messaging template and added a preview feature of their own, if so you would be dealing a great hand on this topic for sure :+1:t4:

Figured it out , I tried everything and somehow this expression worked lmao

hello! could you help me with inbox?

Yes I would love to

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do you have a email so we can contact you?

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