Include item within RG search result the if it's data field is empty

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I’ve scoured the forum and can’t find anything on this, so apologies if it’s been discussed and/or is quite obvious:

I’ve got a data type that is Venue (music venues) and a page for Projects (Events that will take place in a venue). On the Project Page I have a repeating group that is searching for venues that match certain criteria. The search is being filtered by a few attributes, one of which is the Square Footage (Venue Sqf > Input Sqf’s Value)
This is working correctly, so only venues that have more than the minimum required sqf are being displayed, but if there’s a Venue on the database which has the Venue Sqf field empty, it won’t be displayed. Is there any way I can include ‘empty fields’ within the search results?

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Hi there, @tom.ballard… one way to do what you described is to use the merged with operator to merge the search you described with another search for venues where the Venue Sqf field is empty.

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Hi Mike,

Thank you for your reply. That does sound like the best solution. I’ve done as you said, but can’t seem to retrieve the venues that have empty data field. These are both searches that I’m merging together:

Am I doing something wrong?


The second search is looking for venues where every field is empty, and that’s definitely not what you want. Were you only talking about the Venue Sqf field in the original post or are you talking about returning venues that match the filter requirements but where one or more of the fields might be empty?

The latter, I was using the Sqf as an example. Ultimately, I’m wanting any venues that are missing fields to still populate the search. (if the sqf hasn’t been added, the venue isn’t necessarily the wrong size). I hope that makes sense?