Incoming data from API

I am new to Bubble and new to building applications. Bubble is impressive, but there is a learning curve. I am stuck on one last thing and would appreciate any advice.

Our application uses QR codes. Each QR code is unique -there could be thousands in use. The QR code contains a URL to a profile page (bubble user). On the profile page is a texting window. Using Twilio, the person who scans the QR code can contact the owner of the profile. A two-way texting session takes place, and no one exchanges telephone numbers.

I’m stuck on how to tie the QR code to the user in the Bubble database. The chat session needs to be logged into the user’s database. I am inserting the chat session into the database now, but the “created by” field is not being logged because the data is coming from a Twilio API.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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