Incompatible element in actions enforced in the Issue Checker

Hi everyone,
We are currently rolling out a new Issue checker update, which will start enforcing two new rules to hopefully help anticipating some corner cases in workflows that currently throw hard-to-understand runmode errors.

This will mean that your app will potentially show new issue checker errors that prevent you from deploying, so this post is meant to explain why and how to fix these issues if you need help.

1) Incompatible elements for actions

  • While you cannot directly add incompatible elements to an action (like specifying a floating group for a ‘Go To List Page’ action), you can transform an element, using the edit or context menu in the design panel (Replace by another type -> New element type). Since element type transformations keep some potentially invalid actions in your workflows that used an element which is now incompatible with the action you specified, this led to weird errors in runmode. As such, we’ve added a type check for incompatible elements.

  • Some reminders of what types of things are expected for some common actions:

    • Set Focus to Element: only inputs
    • Display list, Show previous/next, Scroll to entry, Clear list, Go to page: only repeating groups
    • Display data, Reset data: (regular, floating, focus) Groups, Reusable Elements and Popups
  • If you see an error, simply make sure that the type of the element you are using for that action matches possible types.

2) Current Cell’s Index outside repeating groups

  • Both elements and workflows inside repeating groups have access to a special data source, ‘Current Cell’s Index’ - This returns the number representing the (innermost, in the case of nested repeating groups) cell index. This data source is not defined when outside of a repeating group, however, so it will return an empty value. Because of the confusion that this causes, we are going to flag that as an impossible value as well.
  • If you see an error, simply make sure that the Current Cell’s Index data source is used inside a repeating group. if it isn’t simply clear it out and replace it with an empty value, if you need a quick and dirty way to unblock deploys.

I hope this helps, and thank you for the continued bug reports which help us make these smaller UX tweaks.


@aless, checking on ‘focus’ being included in this list as I’ve never been able to either set or reset the data in a focus group via a workflow action. Would be great to have this functionality though.

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Hello @aless, i guess this is the reason why all my system are now completely brokens
Actualy it was the only way to use efficiently ux anymation by puting group inside a element-container so the animation could be applied on only one element instead of every group
This also affect the Responsive process since you have to apply every rules on every elements.

For my case it appear to automatically hide nested group inside the element-container with no propers rules.

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Hello! If this change is affecting your application, could you please file a bug report with reproducible steps so that we could investigate this in the context of your app?

Thanks in advance!