Incomplete data shown in repeating group

I am building an ai writer which created headline based on the the product_name and product_description.

When create button is clicked at right side the headlines are shown ( data is stored in a custom state ) but my issue the first 2 block of the repeating group is always blank. I have tried everything.
What might be the issue?

Hi there, @bubble_newbie… what is your repeating group’s data source? Can you share some screenshots of your setup (data source, workflows)?


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here you go

headline_generator is the page , HG-headline is the custom-state.

Well, that’s about as simple as it gets… not sure what’s wrong. What does the workflow on the Create Content button look like?

Make another text box in the RG and show the current RG cell index.

I bet that it’s working properly and you just have some weird formatting that is adding extra space on the top.

Let us know how that works

yes in workflow i have set the text split by ( “Space”) but it is required to complete the prompt and saperate the list output

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