Inconsistent performance

10 minutes ago all pages in my app were taking over 1 minute to load. I checked my internet speed and other sites and that was not the bottleneck. Now pages are loading fine. I have noticed this before, that occasionally the performance at the server (it seems) is so slow all users will quit. How concerned should I be about this? Any explanations?

Have you checked your server logs & metrics for spikes in usage?

Devtools in chrome specifically can be really good for troubleshooting what on the page is taking long when you experience slowdowns. Use the network tab and start pulling threads.

Thanks @luc.simp there is no traffic on this app and no changes to pages that now load fine but before did not but I’ll endeavor to learn more about the server logs and the chrome network tab.

It’s always a good starting point. Consistent load times and performance was the hardest thing for me (and lots of others) to get really good at. There have been a lot of great efficiency updates from bubble recently and I can confidently say performance and load times are getting substantially better across all my apps as a result.