Increase engagement, product understanding, and decrease bounce rate

Those are my 3 goals with this product. Help me test it and get it free for life when it launches.

A self-service tool that embeds an audio or video file on your website, allowing you to “personally” address your site visitors, and explain your product.

Most people do not read every word when visiting a website for the first time. You have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention with captivating images or illustrations, amazing copy, and perfectly coordinated colors. And if you’re lucky, they’ll stick around to actually find our what you’re offering.

Writing captivating copy is hard. Paying professionals to do it is expensive. An alternative? Say your message out loud!

This won’t replace great copy and beautiful design, but I’m willing to bet adding your voice and/or face will be more successful at grabbing someone’s attention for more than 10 seconds than that boring hero image you found on Unsplash.

Help me test out this concept. I’m asking you to do 3 things…

  1. Record a video of yourself explaining your product.
  2. Post it on your homepage. For anyone new to Bubble, I’ll walk you through how to do this, as well as hide the video so it’s audio only.
  3. Measure changes in engagement and bounce rate.

In return, I’m offering…

Free use of the product and all features (of all product levels) for life when it launches. If it flops and doesn’t launch? A sincere thank you :slight_smile:

My assumption is…
By implementing this feature on your website…

  • Your bounce rate will decrease.
  • Your site visitors will stay on your page longer.
  • Your sales/signups/whatever your KPI’s are will increase.
  • You’ll have less churn with a more loyal customer base due to the increased emotional and personal connection between you and your customers via the audio or video feature.

If you’d like to experiment with me, comment or message me directly!

Yes please :raised_hands:

Let’s do it! What’s your website?

@jared.gibb I just sent you a message so we can get this set up

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