Increasing number of Cars on Uber like build

Please help. I am trying my hand at an Uber like practice app. I have reached the part where I am building the Dashboard. On the dashboard, I would like to set up dynamic choices when it comes to the Vehicle Types. I have about 21 different types. I have used option sets and have inserted a horizontal scroll repeating group just below the map. Now am kind of stuck on the workflows, as how I should proceed. Thats my problem number 1.
The second thing is that where I live, most addresses are not yet available on google maps, which means that entries are not going to automatically link or appear in the searchbox input and then show up on the map. For that reason I am not going to bother with the pricing component of the build as it will be difficult to calculate the distances dynamically. I will leave that to the two parties to agree on chat.
However, I still need to display relevant details on the driver’s dashboard and be able to create a trip summary. So need to capture the pick up and drop off points for me to pull them into the drivers’ dashboard of sorts.
I am of the idea that I might have to insert another set of input boxes below each searchbox input that accommodates the non geographic choices or is it ok to use the same searchboxes but just add some kind of conditions.
Thank you

Use a data type and not an option set because you can not run workflows to alter option sets.

use the location coordinates (latitude and longitude)


Hey boston85719. Thanks for the response. Sorry I dint quite get you on the two responses. I am as fresh as cucumber when it comes to and programming in general. Only started a few months ago-from zero.
On using a data type, how will I reference each vehicle type? will it be a field on data type Vehicle type?

On the second response, I am totally lost. I dont know how to even ask. lol. Please could provide an example. The target users are people of varying literacy levels and putting any kind of complexity will drive them away from the app. I am trying to build a simple app where users can simply enter the name of their location and intended destination. Typical rural Africa. The driver/ transporter will know the places and usually doesn’t have any form of GPS except his head. We talking about an African farming set up. However, in urban areas, google maps works very well. Now imagine combining a starting address found on google maps(from an urban area) with a destination unknown to google maps (in the rural areas). Will be adding instructions on how users can add their locations onto google maps but that in itself is a huge challenge.
Sorry for a long question. Just wanted to kind of give you the situation on the ground.

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