Increment a Number or Letter & Overwrite

In my database, I have a repeating group of “Recipes” pulled from an internal database, each Recipe consists of two groups each with one number and two letters (Group 1: 1, A, B; Group 2: 2, D, C). I can then select a recipe and are looking to make a adjustment to the recipe with up and down arrows.

Using another internal database, I can press an up arrow button to change the A to a B. But I can’t figure out how to overwrite the current cell i.e. so the A stays a B. The current cell is pulling from the selected saved Recipe. I don’t want to save the A as a B until the Save button is selected. I just want it to temporarily overwrite.

Can someone help?

It is really hard to help with this explanation. I am not sure what the reason for changing the A to B and not saving it unless you are just wanting the user to be able to move recipes from one cell to another for display purposes so that they can move a lot of recipes into different cells before they save, so it is not just a simple A to B, but more like A to F, C to G, H to B which in turn would be moving all other recipes by default to different locations.

One thing you should look into is cell index…it is the number associated with the current cell of the R.G. element your recipes are displayed in.

Also think about having a second R.G. on page to show the “re-ordered” recipes before some user can save the changes as a kind of “preview”…then you could display the changed sequence prior to saving.

Also, can consider having a separate data type to be used as a “draft” which could have a data field to show status and when save is done delete the “draft” entries.

Hi @boston85719!
Thank you for the help. I am looking for the cell to change by a single increment (A to B, B to C, etc.) and I don’t want to save it because it drive another “trial and error” sequence of events not in bubble. If the recipe doesn’t provide the correct outcome, I don’t want to save it.

I understand the idea of showing a cell with the “re-ordered” / previewed recipe, but I still don’t know how to push a button to change that recipe from A to B and have it stay at B. Then push the button again and move from B to C and have it stay at C.
Does that make since?

Is this something you could help me with?

your button press needs to trigger a workflow “make change to a thing”

that thing should be the recipe you want to change from A to B or any other sequence

your database entries fro recipes need to have a data field of group ( ie: A, B etc )

your workflow will change the group data field…just put the new group letter you want it to be

if it is to be incremental for all in the same direction ( ie: always changes C to D and always changes D to E ) then you will have about 25 different conditionals in the workflow ( one for every letter of alphabet except Z; because after Z we are out of letters in the alphabet sequence )

Seems like a lot of work in setting up the conditionals for little value. Instead you could just use numbers and use a math formula of +1 to go up incrementally.

If you want to keep the alphabet groupings you could always create a relationship between the letter and number ( ie: A =1, B=2 etc. )

This way you don’t need 25 conditionals, only one and then make sure the database is storing the relation between number and letter.

Good luck

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