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Incremental Database Updates

Good morning Bubblers, Bubblees, Bubblettes?

How does bubble handle incremental updates on data? We are working on a marketing automation platform for webinars and we want the webinar registrant to be a unique record in the registrant table. Simple enough - build a key on last name and email and that should do the trick.

A registered customer could change the webinar session that they are attending. When that change occurs, the api will pull that information over to the app. I am assuming we need to build a condition that if the Registrant is already in the Registrants data for a specific webinar, that all of the other data would be a Change Thing Registrants rather than a Create Thing Registrants. But if only one column changes, is it best practice just to Change Thing Registrants and update all of the columns? Or should we identify which column has changed (in this instance, session number) and update only that? Not sure which one is a more intensive operation than the other on the database. I am inclined to think that checking each column on the Registrants table would be CPU intensive and require multiple conditionals to complete vs. checking that the Registrant is already in the Registrants table for the specific webinar and updating all of their column data for that Registrant-Webinar combination. Thoughts?