Incremental price

Hi guys
Can you tell me please how can i make an incremental price for a product.
For example un product costs 20$ and each 10 secondes 1$ is added automatically to the price

Hi! If this data is personal (it’s not shared with anyone else), you can use a “Do every 10 seconds” workflow → increase price…
(the problem is, everyone that is online will run this workflow, so if you have 10 people running it it will increase much more, but you can restrict to work only in your account for example)

The other way is if you have a paid plan, you can use a recurring event (I’m not a specialist on this one, I’m still on my free plan)

Oh, another way you can do is to calculate the price through a date… So for example, you set the initial price to be $1 and it will increase every 10 seconds, the ‘initial product date’ is “02/11/2022 10:00 am”
Then you need to make a state with an current time that is updated
Do every 1 second → set state (‘current time state’ = Current time/date)

Then the price would be:
‘current time state’ - ‘initial product date’:format in seconds / 10 (because you want every 10 seconds):floor (because you don’t want 10,5 seconds)*price (the price it will increase) (maximum price if there is)

so again:
‘current state time’ - ‘initial product date’:format in seconds/10:floor*price

Thank you.
Can i use change thing to thing? can you tell me please how can i increase the price as you say in your first method?

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