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Incrementing "Swipes" - Value Reset Each Time - ***Tinderpile***

Hi fam,

I’m tracking # of swipes to prompt signup after a user swipes for the 4th time. The logic/flow was working OK until this week and I can’t seem to get it to work again. Completely stumped on this. We’re pitching to an investor next week and I really want to test this app with more users! PLEASE HELP!


  • User swipes card (left or right) to trigger workflow*
  1. “Swipes” variable increments as Thing to Change = Current User,
    Swipes = This User’s swipes + 1

  2. Tinderpile card is either “saved” or “not saved”. In this example it is “saved”.

  3. Go To Page logic triggers if user is not logged in and swipes > 3

“Swipes” seems to increment up initially (from 0 to 1) but when I test swiping the second card, the “Swipes” variable seems to reset. I know this from placing a dynamic textbox next to the Tinderpile cards and running debug on step-by-step. The weirdest part is when I do this debug method, it seems to increment to a max of 2 before resetting. When running normally as a user it just gets to “1” and then resets on the next swipe.

You can see the increment reset live if you visit our app here:
The increment will show to the right of the “Explore” title on the main page