Index numbering on list

Hi All

I’m using a number of api calls to cycle through records or lists and I’m starting on index 1 and cycling to list:count. I’m referring to each new item in the list with index#.

My question is will this miss the first item or record in the list and should I start with index = 0 and cycle to count-1 instead?

I’m using both conventions at the moment and it doesn’t seem to matter in most cases but sometimes, particularly when there is just one record to cycle it seems to fail.

In my case I’m sending a list of dates and cycling over them to find if other dates are present for the same person. When I send multiple dates the api works but when I send one date it doesn’t.

Thanks for your help


Nope… Bubble uses one-based indexing, so the first item in a list is item#1

great, thank you