Index page in Airdev's Canvas Does Not Work On Live

I’m using Airdev’s canvas and after making my app and publishing it live, it still not available on the live index page.

When I visit the index page it simply shows a blank page and no errors. Please help me if you’ve dealt with this before.

The index page of this template is a router. Depending on the user’s role, the user is routed to the home page or the admin page.

Are your users, in your database, assigned to a role? (App admin or Standard) ?

Go to the database / app data. If you have any user into, you can click to “run as” for each. Check first that your users have a role. Else, you’ll have to change your logic to assign a role for every new user.

Hi @dossey,

We just reached out to you in an email. Thank you!


Wanted to post the solution here so it is available to other users:
To ensure that the marketings pages and navigation links that you create in development would show up in your live website, you would need to copy your marketing pages and navigation links data objects from development to live.

More details on how to copy development data to live in our documentation here.

Thank you!

Hi Stephanie,
I experienced the same as “dossey” but the link doesn’t work :frowning:

where can i find more info?
greeting jarno