Index Page is Blank


I have data on my Index page, but when I preview it there is nothing there. Just a blank screen. Any ideas why this is happening?

Could you post with a bit more context? Screenshots of your editor and live mode would be helpful.

Here are a few potential reasons:

  • If the data being displayed is referencing something in the database, make sure you’ve properly set up the Data Source for those elements.
  • Check to make sure the checkbox “This element is visible on page load” is checked (or that you have conditional logic that should enable it to appear.
  • Double check to make sure you haven’t inadvertently drawn a Shape over the area. Sometimes, when users draw shapes, they really mean to create a Group. The shape could be appearing over the objects you’ve created.

I checked and it’s not any those three things.
It’s happening on another page I was editing as well. But on the other page I can see my header and one drop down box. All of the other drop down boxes are not on the page when I go to preview it. Also, some static text that I put on there is not visible either. This is weird.

Thanks for the update.

It’s tough to debug based on text alone. Are you able to post any sort of screen shots or video? If you prefer, feel free to send it to me in a private message.

The problem was upgrading my app from version 2 to version 3. After reverting back to version 2 it started working again.

If there’s an issue between versions that isn’t mentioned as something that would break your app, there may be an unintended bug. Good to let the Bubble team know about it.

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Indeed. I plan on doing that. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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