Index reloading after login

Hi everybody!
I have an app with Facebook and Google login. After an user log in or sign up it’s redirected to another page.
However, between the login and the redirection, the index page reloads and it’s not good for my UX.
I tried using custom states, but as page reloads, it’s not helpful.

Thanks a lot!

are you using a plugin or have you done the implementation by yourself?

the process should be:

  1. click on the login button
  2. redirect to other platform
  3. redirect back to your page (of course here will be a new page load)

but it should be only one page load here.
Some data will be send via the url here, so it’s impossible to not reload the page in this case.

Later, when the credentials are saved to the database, you can use them to do things in the background via api connector. maybe display more user information or something.

Hi, thanks for your answer.
I’m using Facebook and Google plugins made by Bubble.
When people signup or login by email, it works perfectly, but when they use Google or Facebook, they login or signup, the index page reloads and only after that it redirects to the page I want.

I even tried creating a white group so the data of Index page is not whown during this transition, but it’s not working.

Maybe you can have a look at manual oauth integration. There must be a detailed explanation about that in the forum.

Then you can configure everything as you want.

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