Indirectly looking up a value in an option set to display in a repeating group

Hi. :slight_smile:
I spent hours and hours trying to find this out, but I am not succeeding. Here is my problem:
I have an option set (quality_info) consisting of a number and a textvalue.
For example

  1. Good item
  2. Bad item

I have a product database with productinfo, which contains a number, which is a reference to the number in the option set.

I want to list the products in a repeating group, but in stead of the quality number I need to show the corresponding textvalue (good item/bad item).
Can somebody please explain how to do a lookup in the option set, based on the number(qualityvalue) in the producttable, so that i can retrieve the Textvalue?

For example
Desc:Product1, QualityValue: 2
Desc: Product2, QualityValue: 2
Desc: Product3, QualityValue: 1

Which should result in the repeating group list
Product1 Bad item
Product2 Bad item
Product3 Good item

Can anyone help me with this?

You have number + text in 1 field (display) of your Option Set or you have two different fields to store number and text of an option separately?

Thank you for your reply.
I stored the values in 2 different fields in an option set.
The first field is of type number. The second field is the ‘Display’ field of type Text.
I want to do a lookup of the number-field and display the corresponding ‘Display’ field

I’m not sure this applies to your current database structure but to search through an option set you have to “flip it”.

So it’s get option Quality :filtered this option’s display is YOUR CRITERIA

Hey @rico.trevisan ,
It took me some fiddling, but your solution worked. Thanks!
I selected the option set. Then ‘all options’.
Then I :filtered, the right option by selecting the option number field, then ‘is’ and then the parents…'number (the one in the repeating group). And finally I selected the Option sets’Display to show on the screen.
Thanks again! You made me happy :sweat_smile:

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