Individual Referral link on RG button

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I am creating a RG page to showcase all the names of startup companies. but when the button is clicked, it should direct users to its relative companies page. I want to have a referral link attached to the button.

Do I need to create a database with all the referral link?

Please help.

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You can have a field on your database “RefLink” with link value in it.

I assume in repeating group there is a tickbox/checkbox icon to select companies, and when submit button is clicked it will go to that selected companie’s page.

You can send the current cell’s RefLink’s value as parameters in the URL.

Company’s page type of data company in this case, will show the company profile id/link etc. from the URL Value.

I am not sure whether I have been able making this clear to you but if you understand the concept, you will get it solved.

Thank you @kazimdgoni for your reply.

I wanted to try what you suggested before posting the question - but I was just lazy. I will try probably in a few days and will update. Thank you once again.

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