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Inefficient Network Requests

What’s up,

Our website has been taking 6-7 seconds to load on average. We would like to cut this time down to 2-4 seconds. To begin diagnosing the issues, I opened the google chrome network inspect element tool and watched the timeline of requests being made as the web page loads. I’ve found some inefficiencies with Bubble’s network requests that might make everyone’s page load faster if fixed.

To explain the picture above, what I’ve pointed out is a series of inefficient requests between bubble’s css stylesheet request and bubble’s blockspring api request. Notice the empty space between the calls I’ve pointed out. That empty space is wasted time. What’s preventing bubble from making the api request when the rest of the page is otherwise loaded?
Feel free to use the chrome inspect element tool and see for yourself.

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We’ll take a look and see if there’s room to speed this up. We sometimes have to render most of the page before starting data loading, because we can’t always predict in advance what data is going to be needed without initializing all the page elements. It might be possible to be smarter, here, though – no promises on a quick turn-around, but I’ll see if there’s any opportunities to trim this down.


Sounds good. I understand that from your end managing all these requests gets pretty complicated. Thanks for looking into this!