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Inexpensive Cloud Storage in Bubble?

Hey everyone! I’m looking to build a web app for my video editing company, but I have a few questions regarding cloud storage:

  1. I need a file management system where clients can upload their footage, create subfolders, and move files. Is this possible in Bubble?

  2. We need at least 1TB of cloud storage space. What’s the best way to implement large amounts of cloud storage in Bubble? Is there an inexpensive way to do this? Perhaps a 3rd party service or plugin?

  3. We currently use pCloud for 2.5TB of cloud storage for a one time payment of like $400. Is there a way to utilize this?

Overall, before building on Bubble I want to make sure I can get >=1TB of cloud storage inexpensively. Thanks!


Hey there @alex.lefkowitz,

Welcome to the Bubble community!

I think that this would be totally doable! I’d look into pCloud and see if there’s an API they offer that you could implement into your Bubble App, or AWS might be another option?

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@alex.lefkowitz, I’ve considered Wasabi in the past for large volumes of cloud storage (1TB for $6.99/month I believe). On the Bubble side, Zeroqode has a handy Wasabi plugin that could make it easier to manage files in your app.

Here’s the plugin link:

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Wow this is great thank you so much! Talking with Bubble support it seemed like there might not be a solution so I’m really excited about this. Just scheduled a call with Wasabi.

Can I ask what cloud storage systems you’ve used in the past on Bubble other than Wasabi?

@alex.lefkowitz , I’m actually fairly new to Bubble myself, so I’ve not interacted with many other solutions from a hosting perspective. If you’re going to be working with a lot of videos you need to play, I’d recommend checking out an encoding/hosting solution like Mux. @pork1977gm has a great plugin I’m planning to use in my app called VideoJS Advanced that lets you handle upload/fetch from Mux with some security built in.

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Just added the plugin link to my previous post.

Ah this is interesting thank you!

Yeah we’ll be working with large amounts of video files almost exclusively. Need a file storage system, file management system, and video player. I haven’t even started building in Bubble yet so I’m a complete noob lol but as long as I know these things are possible I’ll be able to figure it out. Just don’t want to start only to find out that it’s impossible or will cost hundreds of dollars each month.

Here’s a sample wireframe:

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@alex.lefkowitz, I totally get that. I’ve interacted with the Mux team a bit in relation to my own e-learning platform, and they’ve been incredibly helpful. They also offer high-volume and enterprise discounts based on large amounts of usage. You can do some estimates using their awesome pricing calculator here:

Lindsay on their support team is also very responsive if you have questions.

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Agree with @eLPDev and if you need any extra support then I’m here also to help.

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Hi @eLPDev I just finished implementing for our video delivery. Super cheap stream and super cheap storage, too.


Remember that if you’re streaming Video, you will need an efficient solution. Delivering video well is tricky.

For Bunny, you will also need knowledge of using their API, but it’s not hard. Bunny has great support and a simple API. Once you have that plugged in you can build your own UX for it.

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@pork1977gm @alejandrowunderlich yeah I don’t think Mux or Bunny is what I’m looking for. I need >1TB of cloud storage, a way for people to upload and organize files, and a video player.

We just happen to be dealing with video files but we’re not a streaming service or anything like that. Thanks for the info though!

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Cloudflare offers a Video Streaming service that includes pricing of $5/1000 minutes of video and $1/1000 minutes of video viewed. Depends on the time for the streaming service. You can find that information here:

Pricing is at the bottom of the page. The user account has an API and OAuth access available and has a full feature set.


Hi @alex.lefkowitz

I would just like to mention first that I work at Ziggeo. With that said, I would recommend checking our service out.

Just based on pricing ( Pricing Plans - Ziggeo ) you can see a big difference compared to Mux or Bunny and especially Cloudflare.

  • I am comparing with our cheapest plan and every one step up in plans has additional approx 2 times better pricing.

We have general regions that helps you where you want to process and keep your medai, however the nodes that get activated through our CDN are not limited like they are with Bunny. This is instead done by our underlying system and CDN.

The benefit of our system is that there are about 5 different plugins for Ziggeo here on Bubble and there are integrations that we offer through our service (as well as features). Will list them at the bottom.

We are about to release image and audio handling, which would make your media storage quite simple if you pick our service.

What I think the best part for your use case is, is that we work with tokens. For example we provide you a token such as 1234567890 that represents video (or audio or image). This means that you can set up your Bubble app to handle any sorting of the media just as a cosmetic point of your own app. There would be no actual moving of the files around the server or having to care about the same. All media would always be there as it was, and you can drag, rename, sort the file representations easily on your side.

  • We do not support any non video, audio or image file types however since you say that it is mostly footage, that is something that we do support and do it great :slight_smile:
    Awards - Ziggeo

Benefit of our service is that you would also only pay for storage of the original file (we call that original stream), while you can create several additional streams (associated with same media file) which could allow you to play back or show small previews of videos that are in resolution of 128x128 even though your video is 1080p format to start with.

So you could have 1080, 720, 480, 240 streams of the same video and only really pay for storage of that original file. Next to this we charge per length, not per size of the file. You probably already know that there are videos with almost 1GB in file size for 1 minute of video, and all our system would see is that it is 1 minute in length.

We of course also offer players and recorders with many features, themes, etc.

Now I do not want to make me sound like selling you something as I wanted to let you know what I think would help you, however in this case I am kind of biased, so I do suggest checking out few pages:


I think that there is one more that was recently published however can not find it at this time :slight_smile: