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Infinite List saving

I struggling to bring this concept to life. I have seen the infinite list demo app, and understand its basic principle. What I need to do is have this infinite list tied to a particular record. I need a many to one type of relation.

So you have an idea of what I’m looking to accomplish. I am needing to record daily fueling for company vehicles, that are fueled at the company on-site fuel pump. These fuel records need to be attached to a daily pump meter read.

Joe the manager logs into the fueling portal, and a button to start new daily meter record. Joe enter the date for the daily record, and the starting meter read for the pump at 8am. Then Matt the fueler logs in as seen the current daily meter read, which the last recorded start meter entry, with an infinite list form below that with the ability to add a fuel record of which vehicle he fueled, and the amount, and every time he adds a record, its linked to that start meter read and date.

After the daily fueling, at 8 am the next day Joe the manager, does another meter read and closes that meter read for the previous days fueling, which can start the new daily record. Then Joe can go to the office and pull daily fuel records as need to handle audits, or make/print a page the display the start and end meter readings for that day, plus the list of vehicles fueled that day and there amounts.

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