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Influence things

It would be cool to have another workflow type screen called “influence”, a suggestion & addon based workflow area that you set influence’s for data, elements, users or workflows. A kind of non strict parent that can influence but not take over somethings state based on the influence you set. You add services like weather, news, statistic type services or even money exchange rates.

Example would be you create an influence and set the target as the website colour theme, then set the influence to be the weather addon, then choose what theme based on current users location. But as an influence not a programmed state or condition a certain button would still change color on hover but then be influenced after time, another action or thing being changed depending on what you set the influence after to.

Or imagine setting when a country’s money value is high promote lesser purchased produts but if a user doesnt click on one of them within 10 product views then the influence is off for that user within a range of money value change.