Ingredient inputs

Hi everyone. I couldn’t find a clear answer to this question yet so here it goes.

Im building a recipe database. In which the user has to input one or multiple ingredients with measures and units. in the following way:


Let’s just say that we are working only with the first row to add an ingredient and the other ones are not yet wired to do anything.

When the user clicks the “save recipe” button, there is a 3 action workflow in the background to save this data in the database. It works perfectly.

My problem is that I want to use all of the ingredient rows or more. But to be able to add all this data I would need to make this 3 actions for every row of ingredient.

Meaning, if I wanted to use all 5 rows of ingredients in my example image, I would need to have 15 actions in my workflow. which is mad.
And after all I would probably want to use many more than 5 ingredients in a recipe.

I’m thinking that I’m probably not following the apropiate workflow for this situation.

Is there any smarter way to do this? can anyone shed me some light?

Thank you.

Hey @jnietoru, welcome to Bubble!

It would help if you could share some screen shots of the workflow so the community can better understand your use case to see how to help.

Hi @lantzgould thanks for the welcome!
I thought about it but I don’t think it’s relevant and would only add an extra layer of confusion to the problem.

It is not what’s in the workflow but how to make the same workflow run for each one of this rows without having to make a workflow fir each one of them. Just the way you would use a repeating group to read the data but to write it instead.