Initial database setup Accounts/Personas/Projects

Good day. I don’t think the below is too uncommon and hoping someone in the community can point me to any materials or advice on how to setup the below as a starting point in my database (newbie level explainer). I’ve gone through the tutorials and can do some basics, but can’t wrap my head around the next level of complexity.

  • An Account can have many project/product types
  • Sold-To User is an Account Admin persona
  • Account Admin is tied to stripe profile for the account
  • Invited User to a single or many projects within an account (by admin)
  • A project could represent a different product/service with differing business rules
  • Invited User to many projects within an account
  • Invited user could be a sold-to/admin of a different account or project
  • All users should be able to see a consolidated view of all projects (regardless of role / account)
  • Invited user can make stripe payments within an account, which they are not the sold-to (with their own stripe credentials)

Thanks in advance