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Initialize Call with Empty Response

Hi guys,

I’m having trouble initializing a call for an API. The sample data from the API docs returns HTTP 200 with an empty body. If I set my ‘Data Type’ to Empty, I can initialize the call but can’t use the API’s response later as body is empty and there’s no API keys to use.

If I set my ‘Data Type’ to JSON, I get back: “The API call returns an empty body and you picked JSON. Please check.”

When I try to initialize it with a dynamic value ("<>") under ‘first_name’ , for some reason the API doesn’t allow it and I get back HTTP 400: {“code”:“”}.

Anyone has a clue on how to initialize the call successfuly?

Can you either post a screenshot or allow access to view your editor and share the link?

Sure. I guess I found a solution to the problem.

If I set data to JSON:

This is what I get back:

In order to initialize the call successfuly, I had to set Data-Type to ‘Empty’. Then, on initialize call, I’d get an empty body in returned values, as the payload exemple from the API docs gave me HTTPS 200.

I then edited raw data and included the API’s response (from the API docs) in body. That made the API work and now my API keys are:

  • body applicationID
  • body FirstName
  • body …

It seems to have worked. I am now waiting for the API provider to handle me some samples that return an HTTP 200 with parameters to confirm the solution.

Man i have this same problem, but i don’t understand your solution at the end at all!