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Initializing APIs with Time Limits


I’m trying to initialize an external service’s API using the API Connector. As context, the external service would have sent me a token in a previous step.

The issue I’m running into is that, within 3 seconds, I need to provide this token in response to the external service in order to successfully call their API.

Given that Bubble’s API Connector requires a manual initialization step, I’m unable to copy and paste the token within 3 seconds manually to initialize the API.

Does anybody have experience with this limitation in Bubble?

You can do it manually as well.

Could you elaborate what you mean by manually?

I’ve tried manually copy and pasting the token required to initialise the response, but I can’t copy and paste it fast enough (3 seconds), so the token expires.

Hi Felix, did you ever figure this out? I’m coming up against the same problem now with Slack.

@oliphant In the end, I implemented it with Integromat, using an Integromat Webhook as the event URL for Slack.

I didn’t understand what @NigelG meant until recently, you can try his approach as well. What he meant is that under your API Connector’s individual APIs, there’s a “Manually Enter API Response” option, where you can manually type in the API response you expect.

So in Slack’s case scenario, you can manually include in the “Trigger” field.

Hope this helps!

This is hugely helpful, thank you! It fixed it for me. I’m more familiar with Zapier so experimented with that. I created a Zap that receives the payload, sends back the data + 200 OK to Slack, then triggers the Bubble webhook.

(I did have a look at manual setup, but felt like I was getting nowhere).

Here’s a screenshot of my Zapier setup in case anyone finds this thread in the future.

  1. Gets the data from Slack
  2. Finds the response_url (needed to confirm the data was received)
  3. Sends the response back to Slack
  4. Triggers the workflow in Bubble.