Initiate Logs (contrary to "cancel" a Log)

Feature to initiate Logs (or already such feature exists)?


Greater testing experience.


Interesting. :+1:

You probably mean initiate a workflow right?

Workaround: During the scheduling of the workflow save the workflow-id (result of…) in a datatype/table. Create a repeating group for this datatype. Add a button which triggers a workflow with the action Cancel a scheduled API-workflow and schedule a new API-workflow for current date/time.

Note: Just keep an eye on any changes to data used in the workflow which might have occured between the initial scheduling of the workflow and the moment you schedule a new workflow for current date/time.



In my very case was for the testing purposes. When testing, I have adjusted a scheduling time to be seconds, not priority for me (yet) to create own manual Logs Scheduling system, but great idea!

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Additionally a “pause” a Log would also be of usage.

It seems all of this is not much of work do accomplish, nor doesn’t take much of space.

Looking forward how Bubble community feels about it!

Best wishes, Toni