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I have a form to capture daily takings figures for a coffee shop, all the inputs are in a group and using auto bind. The group is set to Content type of daily_takings (my Data Type).

Doesn’t matter what I do adding figures into the input boxes it never writes data to the database? Any ideas - what am I missing?

Pictures below to show you how I have it configured

Hi @simon,

Have you sent a specific daily_takings record to that group? As you can see, the group needs a source. By setting the type, you’ve set it up to expect a daily_takings record, for example, one created by the current user. In that example, the source would be “Search for daily_takings :first item, with a constraint on the search… created by = current user”

OR, you can use the “display data” action in a workflow to change the data source based off some trigger (like a button click).

So the core concept to understand here is that you need daily_taking records in your database first so that the group can then read that record’s data… in order to then auto-bind to the appropriate fields for that record.

Hopefully this helps you move forward!

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Hi Gaby,

Thanks so much for the response.I cracked it by doing as you said and giving the Group a source of the daily_takings. See pictures.

This works for pre-created records only so I used a Save button and a workflow that updates a thing. Its a shame the autobind doesn’t support ‘if it doesn’t exist create it’ - like the workflow update a thing does!

Thanks for your help very much appreciated. I maybe back to get some of your paid mentoring in the near future.

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