Input box is submitting data without pressing enter

I have an input box that is used to fetch data using a GET request to an external API. This input box is behaving strangely: it is sending the GET request as I type rather than waiting for me to press “Submit” or hit ENTER. Therefore, the premature results from the GET request tend to populate even before pressing ENTER, and they correct themselves to the updated results once ENTER or Submit is pressed. It is resulting in too many API calls as well as behavior that will confuse the end user. Moreover, there is no workflow attached to this Input element, so I don’t know how/why it is even submitting the input data.

I’d like to know how to stop it from doing this. Thanks in advance!

Can you check if the API is set as “Action” and not as “Data”

Thanks, but I just changed from ACTION to DATA. I get other problems with ACTION .

I guess I’ll have to pick between the lesser of the two evils. ** Sigh **

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