Input cannot be empty for Repeating Group Group that has a checkbox

Hello Bubble Community,

I have searched the forum but cannot find a way to make sure that at least one item from the repeating group has been selected.

I have created a list of checkboxes. I have a button that says “Add Event”. I would like to make sure when this button is clicked that at least 1 repeating group group has been selected.

Inputs have this: this input cannot be empty but how can I do that for a repeating group?


I’m not sure this would work, but you can create a Workflow where the page’s state gets updated with X value when a checkbox is clicked.

Then, when you Add Event, make sure the page’s state isn’t empty. Something like that!

Hey @sydney,

yeah. I do not think it is possible to do it like with the inputs. I have used options set state to accomplish more or less what I wanted and display always a text “please select minimum 1 dance style” if options-set-dance-styles:count < 1. And the “Add event” button is disabled if options-set-dance-styles:count < 1

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