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Input changes not recognized

Hoping others found what the issue is here…

Sometimes when an input changes (and I have a workflow based on the input changing), and then the user (instead of clicking out of the input) clicks a navigation button which takes them elsewhere… the input change is not recognized.

I tried to work around this on each of the navigation buttons they could click to cause this issue, and set the same workflow (only if) the input content is not consistent with the database.

BUT… now sometimes the workflow is happening twice. I feel like I can’t win!

Hi @beccijanereid ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I feel your pain. Sometimes users don’t use inputs in the way we hope they will. This definitely sounds like a ui/ux thing.

Maybe you could add a button beside each input that users become accustomed to clicking to lock in their input, along with a pop-up alert that let’s them know their inputted data has been received and recognized. Once they’re used to these indicators that let them know they’ve inputted things correctly, they’ll be less likely to navigate away without seeing them first and double-checking that their inputs have been received and recognized.

Let me know if you need a helping hand with this.