Input different value

i have an input box and i want to check that when i input number 9 for example, then i can not input that number again because it is already store in my data base , so how i can do that ?

any idea ?

Hi there,

You will need to edit your Workflow, specifically the step where you “Create a Thing” and add an “Only when”. This worked for me:

Input’s value is not Search for yourtable’s:first item’s field

Bold being the variable names of each. Let me know if that helps. Note, this doesn’t give the front-end user any messaging to let it know if it was a duplicate or not but this can be added as well.

I will try that

thanks a lot

it does not work with me

I want go to the payment page only when the input value is not in my database field . I try to wrote your condition there but it doesn’t work

this a pic to be more clear

and about what you say :

Input’s value is not Search for yourtable’s :first item’s field

what if I want to read all table not just field ?


Hi there,

Sorry what I first recommended there is blatantly wrong.

I set up the table with numbers in each of the fields here… field1, field2, field3, we will store the payment input in inputfield:

Now the conditional in the Workflow needs to apply to the when condition not the step 1. See below for the code:

Time to test… I entered one after another in the input 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1,10,11… and lets see the result:

Let me know if that solves it for you.


yeah it’s work !

thanks a lot