Input disable when another user fill it up?

Hi guys, in short, at the moment

  • I set up a simple ‘input’ where anyone can write in it when they logged, and if they not login they can’t write in it.

What I’m trying to add and need help with:

  • I want to 'disable the input cell from typing in it if another user already fills it up.
    I tried to use a condition/rule (I tried both ways) of ‘current input’s value is not empty’, but that’s 'disable the input cell at the moment one ‘latter’ writes in it. What I want is to let any user write in new/un-use cells (without the cell get disable for the user who first writes in it), but not allow them to ‘edit/write’ in a cell another user already writes in it.

Any idea how to achieve that?

My data base for the cells (repeding group):

I’m using ‘user’ data for the page:

When “search for things :count > 0” this input is not clickable

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Thanks for the response cmarcham.

I don’t see the option for ‘things’, where should I add this condition you mention above?

This is what I try adding in the ‘input’ box condition (and didn’t work):

“Things” is in reference to the data you’re trying to collect.


Please note that Bubble refers to an entity/object that you create in the dB as a “thing”

I just used the same convention as a cue.

You would have to decide where you would want to do this (if at all) and for what object or objects in your app

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Got it, thx for the explanation. Any idea why the above pic I sent doesn’t work? do I’m missing something?

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