Input doesn't reset when still in focus

Problem: When I fill an input press enter afterwards, the corresponding input’s onchange event cannot reset the Input, because (i guess?) it is still in focus. However, when i try to shift the focus to a different input before resetting the group, the original input still doesnt reset


In this example, both inputs should get resetted when one is over 10 characters long, however only the input which is not focused gets reset:


In the first few seconds, where both are reset, i clicked out of the input after pasting a text into it,

when only one has reset, i pressed enter after pasting the text into the input



Hey @freakywii,

I think you are describing that you want to see this, correct?


If so, here is how I made that work :

If I got your use case wrong, let me know!


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Ken Truesdale

Yeah, you’re right! And it seems like a good work-around, haven’t thought about using pauses :smiley: Thanks for that!

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