Input field in repeating group not updated after edit

I’m building an app allowing users to create quotes. They select a list of tasks and then they specify the quantity and unit price for the quote line. That computes a sub-total for the line and a total for the entire quote.

I’m using a repeating group to display the quote lines from the database and inputs to modify the quantity and unit price.

I want to add a functionality to “Add Quantity” to an existing quantity. This is so that you don’t have to do the math in your head: I had a quantity of 47, I want to add 29 what’s the new quantity to set in the Quantity input field?

I use a pop-up to ask the user what quantity they want to add to the line. When they press Add, I update the quote line in the database with quantity = old quantity + new quantity to add and update all the totals.

The problem I have is that the sub total and quote overall totals are correctly displayed when the popup is closed, but the input with the quantity is not updated. If I refresh the page the input for the quantity is also correctly displayed in the repeating group.

This happens randomly, it doesn’t always happen. I’ve seen that there was a bug a few years ago, could this be the same issue?

I’ve tried adding a delay of 1 second but that doesn’t seem to change anything.

I’ve attached a screen grab of the issue (texts are in Romanian but you can see that the totals get updated while the quantity doesn’t update until I refresh the page). I would really appreciate your help on this. Thank you.

Add Quantity Not Updated

@pocansergiu, are you using Backend Workflows for this action? I’ve been in contact with their support team since the end of May about this issue. Since it occurs inconsistently for everyone experiencing it, it’s hard for them to debug. Any additional information is more than welcome!

No, I’m using a regular workflow where I am chaining 3 “Make Changes to a Thing”

  1. update the quote line quantity
  2. update the quote line subtotal using the new quantity
  3. update the totals of the quote using the update line’s subtotal

I’m thinking of trying to do all of these updates using custom states and then doing a mass update when the customer goes to the next page to preview the quote.

Hmm @pocansergiu - can you file a bug report with your video as well? Bug Report | Bubble

I’ve submitted the bug report.
While submitting the bug report I tested something and discovered that if I add a text next to my quantity input, when I add a quantity through the popup the text is updated with the new quantity but not the input. See below.

Quantity Input Not Updated

Let’s see what the good folks at Bubble support say…

After many back and forths, support were able to reproduce the error and they are forwarding this to one of their specialized teams, but they said I may be experiencing extended response times.