Input field only working in same browser as Bubble development

My mind is a blur.

In my app, I have a dropdown from which I am seeking a value (Factor) to be used in an equation in another field. The input field works as intended - but only from the browser in which I am developing in Bubble. If I test the app in a different browser (i.e. Chrome, IE, etc.), the input field does not respond at all and consequently the equation fails.

As a test, I have logged into Bubble from within Chrome and IE and then tested the app from within those browsers. When logged in and launching the app from within Bubble developer, the input field reacts and functions properly and also continues to function for some time after logging out. After a few hours, the input field no longer functions if not launching from Bubble developer.

The input field in Safari while developing in Safari (1.5 is the correct Factor):

Same view, but in Chrome, where I am only testing the same app URL and not launching from Chrome Bubble developer:

The Initial Content of the offending input field:

Any ideas?

Is there any logic that relies on the user being logged in to the app? Does this also happen in Firefox or Opera?

Excellent question! The app does not require a login from User at this point. However, it does make sense to me that this particular functionality may be affected at the front end if not logged in.

Opera and Firefox results are the same, the input field does not react as intended, or as it would I were to launch preview from developer.



Is it possible that your editor browser is with a logged-in user, but the other browsers are not?

No. The issue is the same, even from Safari if not logged in for a while. Launching User front end without being logged into the editor is the clue.

Opera, when launching Preview from developer:

You are on to something.

I feel for you @robsbisa - I lost a full day yesterday with a multiline input field that disappeared every time I clicked in it and made it focused. It turned out to be Firefox … at least Firefox on Mac. But I did not discover that until many unproductive hours passed. Good luck with the diagnosing - I hope someone can come to your rescue.

Yep. @patricia I’m many hours into this puzzle. But, I think @andrewgassen is on to the answer - not that I’m any closer to the solution. But there’s some comfort there, I guess.

Can you share a link to the app, so we can see what’s going on?

@andrewgassen, I discovered the problem: I’m an idiot.

I needed to fix the Privacy of the data table where the offending field resides. Changed Everyone else’s setting to View all fields and everything is now working famously.

Thank you for interest and attention here! All is now well with the world.


@robsbisa - glad to hear you got it sorted. There are just so many settings to get familiar with.

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