Input fields content from different users

Hi, newbie here. I hope I can explain myself clearly…

I have an input field which should show some dynamic initial content to all users, content made by an admin. Then the end-users should be able to save it as-is , or after making some changes to it. So they would create a new Thing created by them, not change the admins default content. End-user should also be able to restore the admins original content by clicking a Restore button.

Input fields is placed in an accordion, and the content is shown after clicking accordions header.

Should I make two datatypes, one for admins and the other for end-users content, or just one? Separate buttons for creating and changing things, or just one with two conditions? Or should end-users thing be created (=copied from admins thing) already when clicking accordions header, then only Change button is needed? Or…?


I don’t fully understand what you’re trying to do, but here’s my opinion

Make only one then add another field called is_admin or whatever with yes/no type.

If the button does a separate action, then create different button.

All you need to do is specify the Initial content of the input. When save is pressed, if Input’s value is not the default, create a new thing.

Thanks George. Whatabout after creating a new thing, next time user should see the created thing, not the original admins value. So inputs initial value should be different? How to do that?

If I understood the issue correctly, you could set up a conditional something like “if the user created a Thing”, the initial content will be that value.

As I do not know what is your constraints for the Thing, I can think of something like “Do a Search For Thing”, with the constraint Creator = Current User and if you have a time constraint, you can add Creation Date constraint (like created today). If the :count of this search >0, you can show that value as initial content.