Input fields don't display results of formulas that result in a negative number

I’m trying to perform a calculation in the Initial Content field of an Input element. In some cases the result will be a negative and in each of those the Input element remains empty. It’s only when I perform a calculation that results in a positive result that the Input element displays the result.

To test this I changed the calculation to add a multiply operation (* -1) and I get a result, but it’s the wrong sign. The same calculation produces the correct result in a text box.

In addition, any positive number that I change using the * -1 also results in an empty Input field.

I CAN however, ENTER a negative number…

How can I get a negative result from a calculation in the Initial Content field of these Input elements without having to screw around with sign manipulation?

EDIT: Okay, it seems that the issue is the use of parenthesis to indicate negative numbers. If I don’t set the format to use parenthesis around negative results, then it works…The trouble is that I’m using these fields as display fields as much as input fields, as well as fields whose results I can use in other calculations (so they MUST be Input elements) and visually, the parenthesis’ are important when presenting financial information.

Why is it even an option?

Any ideas?